Thursday, 27 June 2013

The New Obscurists

Poster for an exhibition I will be having with Allan Robertson and Mark Powell at the Patriothall Gallery in Stockbridge. This exhibition will be under the 'New Obscurists' group.

Walking - progress

Images of a work I am doing at the moment which will form part of a larger group of paintings. This painting started with me working out the ratio of space from top to bottom. I wanted to split the board into 3 equal lines - the sky, wall and pavement. This was then overlaid with drawings of the figures. I did the figures first building up the detail on them and making up the skin tones by building up layers of washes of colour. I then did the detail in the wall.

Finished images of the painting to come soon..

Pillbox - in progress

Parallax Art Fair

Images of the Parralax Art Fair I took part in last year.

This image and the one below show the process of measuring the pieces for hanging and layout. This was helpful to work out what works to take and how to lay them out due to the space constraints in the venue.

My work in situ with the other artists work around.

The layout of the work, due to the small scale of the space available I chose to go for a mix of mainly smaller scale work with a couple of larger paintings.

Arsenic Mine Part 2 (progress)

Below are images of part of a triptych I am working on for a forthcoming exhibition. The images show progress from initial marking out of the painting on the ground to the blocking in process. More images to come and info on upcoming exhibition!