Friday, 11 May 2012

Damaged Painting

At my recent exhibition in the Whitespace Gallery I was photographing some paintings for my upcoming exhibition at the Old Ambulance Depot (Entitled 'The Making Of') including the below image. And while doing this I managed to drop said painting flat on its face smashing the rather sensitive bottom section.. I was obviously pee'd off with myself. However this was a good opportunity to re-make and renew the painting as a whole. I managed to, Time Team style, attach many fragments of cement back onto the board by cleverly guessing where they had been before. Once done I added a fresh (souped up) layer of cement to fill in the cracks, I have now finished the empty areas once more and am once again quite pleased with the results. I remember seeing when I was in Germany, a refurbished synagogue in which they had glued the fragments of paint back on to the walls individually and exactly where they had come of the walls. I was giddily excited by this insane attention to detail and the finished product was quite amazing and this little project made me think of that. 

Anyway the below painting will not be in my upcoming exhibition but is going to feature in some future plans... I will be posting more info on the upcoming exhibition soon

Photo of damaged painting after repair