Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Olympian Exhibition Edinburgh

I have paintings for sale at Olympian Furniture store on Angle Park Terrace (Gorgie-Dalry down from the Diggers Pub) along with several other artists. My small copper paintings are for sale and available now! The aim of this exhibition is for Olympian Furniture to support local artists from Edinburgh.

The paintings are the small copper paintings I have talked about in previous posts. One of the main inspirations of the pieces was the artists Paul Bril and Adam Elsheimer (images of work available on the National Galleries of Scotland website online collection and in the gallery itself on display). The idea of cabinet paintings inspired the scale of these paintings, a small painting placed in a small room in the house for contemplation and privacy.

'Mass Games' 20 x 15cm. Acrylic on incised, patenated copper. £350

'Off Work' 20 x 15 cm. Oil on incised and patenated copper. £350

'Mass Games' £350

The paintings are all for sale at £350. Please do pop into the store to take a look at;

8 - 13 Angle Park Terrace
EH11 2JX

Tel. 0131 337 9284